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Terrorism May Be On Rise In 2021

If 2020 saw violence on American streets, 2021 may be worse. This is according to government agencies and factors in both left wing and other threats to domestic order.

FNC: “Violent extremist activity will likely surge in the United States and pose ‘the greatest domestic terrorism threat in 2021,’ a trio of federal law enforcement agencies warned in a recently released bulletin. The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center announced in a Joint Intelligence Bulletin released Wednesday that this threat comes from ‘anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists,’ such as militia violent extremists (MVEs), racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and domestic violent extremists ‘citing partisan political grievances.’ The document was first obtained and published by Yahoo News.”

The report states: “In 2021, threats and plotting of illegal activity, including destruction of property and violence targeting officials at all levels of the government, law enforcement, journalists and infrastructure, as well as sporadic violence surrounding lawful protests, rallies, demonstrations, and other gatherings by [domestic violent extremists] will very likely increase due to renewed measures to mitigate the spread of COVI-19, socio-political conditions, and perceived government overreach…” Events of Jan. 6 “will very likely serve as an enduring driver for violence by a range of domestic violent extremists…The siege and the subsequent deaths of those involved “very likely will serve to galvanize [domestic violent extremists] and increase collaboration.” The extremists “may also perceive the event as a step toward achieving their initiatives, and consider the death of a perceived like-minded individual as an act of martyrdom.”

Soon, violent extremists “could exploit upcoming events to engage in or justify violence, including events attended by MVEs and ‘boogaloo’ adherents scheduled nationally from 16 to 20 January; the 20 January Presidential Inauguration and associated events … and any departure of the 45th President from office prior to the end of his term.”

National Guard troops are protecting the Capitol ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. States are also increasing protections at statehouses after an FBI alert this week warned of threats to legislatures inaugural ceremonies. If any serious attack on government is planned for over the next week, whoever the attackers are, their reception is likely to be more aggressive than it was at the Capitol last Wednesday.