When the dust settled from the Capitol riots, the Democrats used the incident to push a narrative of dangerous Republicans. Since the riots, President Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter while hundreds of his followers have been arrested and fired for their part in the so-called siege. No matter what stance you’ve taken, one thing is clear – riots are not the answer.

In the video below, you will find out why rioting will lead to more harm than good. While Black Lives Matter is able to riot and resort to violence without consequence, the Democrats use right-wing protests as ammunition to further silence the voice of the American people. Click on the video below to find out more.

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As Drew mentioned, it doesn’t matter if it was Antifa and BLM behind the riots, or if it was a mix between right and left. What matters is how the Democrats are using it to destroy the Republican party. Even while the President continues to condemn the riots and ask for the country to come together – he is being banned from every social platform on the internet.

It’s not just the President either. Look at his followers and what has happened to them in the days following the riots. It is like a witch hunt as the internet scrams to find every person who sided with Trump and bring them to some sort of justice. This includes being fired from their jobs, arrested for their beliefs, and silenced from social media. And all of this stemmed from a single riot on Capitol Hill.

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Moving forward, Republicans and their followers must strategize and use the law to help fight the cancel culture that continues to spread through this country. While the left is able to riot and loot without repercussions, big tech has proven within the last few days where their loyalties lie.

While violence might be the answer when it comes to the so-called protests that have left Portland, Oregon a battlefield, we must not meet violence with violence. Now is the time to come together and save the voice that the Dems are trying to silence.