Over the years, politicians have become immune to the voice of the people. They forget over time who put them in power. They often believe they are the gatekeepers of American freedom, yet when it is in jeopardy, they are nowhere to be seen. Sometimes you can even find them vacationing while the rest of the free world crumbles around them. One of those politicians is none other than Republican Mitt Romney.

While Romney is a Republican and has done some good deeds over his career in Washington. Lately, conservatives are feeling that he doesn’t represent their best interest when it comes to American freedoms. One patriot decided they had enough and confronted Romney in an airport. What started off as a lively debate turned into a complete roast with some even calling for Romney to resign. Check out the video below.

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As you may have seen, the person asked a simple question that many people want to know. Why isn’t the GOP fighting harder when it comes to the supposed election fraud?

The only people that seem interested get labeled conspiracy theorists for having no evidence of election fraud. But here is the thing, there is plenty of evidence proving that the Democrats meddled in the election, with the help from Big Tech and the media.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

When pressed to answer why he wouldn’t challenge the election results, Romney mustered a common political answer. He said, “We have a Constitution, the Constitution process is clear. I’ll follow the Constitution and I’ll explain all of that when we meet in Congress this week.”

How nice of him to even explain himself to the same people that help get him elected time and time again. This is the problem with the GOP and the Democrats, they feel entitled to their place in the political system. They believe they are the lawmakers and keepers of Democracy, but they are sadly mistaking. That privilege will always remain with the people of the United States.

Even on the plane, Romney wasn’t able to get away from the questioning and comments as people yelled “Traitor” and “Resign”. But in the end, none of it seemed to bother Romney as he told reporters he has gotten used to the constant comments, calling it the nature of politics.