Oh, how times have changed in such a very short time. It wasn’t that long ago that President Donald Trump was celebrating his first President’s Day weekend. While most Commander and Chiefs choose to relax and enjoy their time off, the media apparently never sleeps as they chastised Trump’s demeanor and even ran articles saying, “Not My President’s Day”. So, you can only imagine what they had to say about the always stumbling and fumbling Joe Biden.

Given that it is hard-hitting journalism’s job to keep the American people informed, one would imagine that reporters would grill Biden over the lack of vaccine distribution, or how about his China dealings. There is no way they didn’t ask about his son’s shady past. But then again, that would mean that the media isn’t controlled and manipulated by the Democrats.

So, what exactly did the media do while Biden spent his weekend at Camp David? According to reports, the President decided to play video games with his granddaughter. But if you were wondering, it wasn’t just any old game. They played an N64 classic, Mario Cart. Some media outlets even went as far as to report that out of all the characters to choose from – Biden decided to go with Luigi.

This is considered hard-hitting news now. Gamerant even ran an article saying, “Doing things like playing games with family or engaging in drifts on the Mario Kart circuit definitely helps to humanize the most powerful man on the planet. The office of the Presidency often serves to mystify the office holder to the American public and seeing them like this can help bring them down to earth.”

And to top it all off, every article that covered Biden’s crazy and wild weekend didn’t dare leave out the fact that Biden ended up beating his 26-year-old granddaughter in the game. Because nothing and I mean nothing is more important to the Biden family than winning.

Some media outlets did deviate from the normal Mario Cart spin and decided to critique Biden’s wardrobe for the weekend, which included a ball cap with the words, “POP” written on the back. It is unclear if that is a reference to his hip style or the fact that he is a grandfather. No matter what, the media seems to be doing a fantastically dismal job keeping the American people informed on what matters most.