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BLM March On Washington, Chant “Burn It Down”, Dems Call It Peaceful

Coming off the heels of being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Black Lives Matter decided to show how peaceful they really are when they marched on Washington over the weekend. Since the murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has become a prominent movement throughout America. While the Dems want people to believe that the protests are meant for good and only want positive change, that isn’t the case. As you are about to see, BLM is a mob – plain and simple.

Gathered together with Antifa, both movements descended on Washington with a clear message. If they didn’t get what they want, they will burn down the Capitol. Given the riots that left several politicians, including AOC, in shock, you think they would be telling BLM and Antifa to stand down. But again, they didn’t. Even while they chanted “If we don’t get it, burn it down”, the Democrats allowed the movements to continue unrestrained by police.

As BLM made their way towards the Capitol, they were sure to disrupt people’s dinners and inform them about the injustices around the country. But that wasn’t all. They also wanted people to know who owns the streets they walk on as they yelled, “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!”

It wasn’t just the patrons who caught the eye of both movements. The police, who were there to make sure peace was in order, also fell victim to Black Lives Matter. The mob shouted obscenities and even chanted, “F**k the Police!”

But where are all the cries for BLM and Antifa to be stopped? A group of Republicans expresses their voices and they are being charged, losing jobs, and being ridiculed, and here we have a coordinated mob wanting to attack the police and the Democrats are silent.

The night didn’t end with just chants and speeches. Like always, a member of BLM decided to the sight of police was too much for their fragile ego and tried to attack an officer. Luckily, other officers were around and quickly thwarted the rioter’s plan.

The double standard that not only the Democrats but the President is showing is absurd. They continue to let BLM and Antifa go unchecked, allowing them to march, attack, and even burn whatever they like. Why you may ask? Simple – votes.

BLM has said in the past they are the reason Joe Biden won the 2020 election and for months they have demanded a seat at the table with the President. While Biden hasn’t denounced the movement and has yet to speak with them, it appears the movement is determined to show up on his front step if need be. And given the free reign they have – it should be only a matter of time.