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Democrat Senator Wants Skin Color To Determine Access To Vaccine

If you want to understand still standing Democrat ideas on race, go back about 70 years. Then Democrats south of the Mason Dixon Line gleefully lynched black people, made black WWII veterans use separate laundries and water fountains, and generally tried to make their lives miserable because of their race. Democrats also firebombed churches full of black children. The Democrats and their irrational hate haven’t changed one bit. They’ve just changed targets.

Today it’s anyone who doesn’t meet their definition of a Democrat voter. Those people are to be denied everything including access to potentially life saving medicine. If you fall into one of those categories, then know Democrats want you out of the way. By political conversion if possible. But really by any means necessary.

Thus they will deny you educational opportunities by quotas. They will trash your traditions and heritage to break your spirit. And tellingly, one Democrat senator, regardless of your age, health status, or underlying condition, wants to send you to the back of the bus because of the color of your skin.

FNC: “Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said that ‘racial justice’ should be the first priority in vaccinating Americans. Many ripped the liberal senator’s tweet, saying that minimizing deaths should be the number one priority.”

“Racial justice must be our number one priority as we distribute the COVID-19 vaccine,” said the Massachusetts Democrat. “Join me live with @SenWarren, @RepPressley, @NikaElugardo, @macurry01, and Rev. Culpepper as we discuss the need for greater equity and accessibility in vaccinations.”

Conservatives responded. “No, it must not,” said Fox News’ Guy Benson. “Shouldn’t the priority be those most vulnerable to severe illness and even death from COVID?” Brit Hume wrote on Twitter.

Benson and Hume are right. But that won’t stop Democrats from the federal level on down from trying to make race, not health, the prime factor in distributing the virus vaccine. Bull O’Connor, George Wallace, and the Klan live. But instead of white sheets, those bigots now sport coats and ties. But their motivations are the same. Ugly, vicious, un-American racism is their game. The target isn’t important to them, as long as they get to hate.

It goes along with their whole theory of “white privilege.” In Appalachia, whites have the privilege of suffering from significant poverty, drug abuse, and lack of health care. How often do you hear about that? Uh huh. Not quite the news that would fit the leftist narrative.

This nation is not perfect and there is certainly room for improvement when it comes to racial justice. The first place to start that effort is to see that justice is blind. We must ensure that America treats all of its citizens fairly, regardless of race. Turning back this reprehensible Democrat assault on medical ethics would be a very good start.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on February 22, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette [7] and is used by permission.

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