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Facebook Behind Capitol Hill Riots Not Parler

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter want you to believe they are the good guys when to comes to censorship. They only want to protect free speech while making the world a safe space for everyone. And as a whole, thanks to marketing and the Democrats, Americans believe them, but what is secretly going on behind closed doors at Facebook? According to recently released court documents, Facebook has been busy organizing Capitol Hill riots.

A shocking revelation given the fact that it was companies like Facebook and Twitter that went after the conservative platform Parler for their so-called involvement in the incident. And let’s not forget about the help from the Democrats. They also called for the social media site to be taken down because it was a hotbed for white supremacy. Again, just another narrative concocted to push the Democrat’s agenda of completely destroying the Republican party.

First reported by The Federalist’s Rachel Bovard, the Department of Justice realized the involvement Facebook and even Instagram played when they started charging over 200 people with crimes against the government. Out of the 223 people formally charged, only eight of them admitted to using Parler to help plan the riots.

Bovard wrote, “Of the 223 charging documents, 73 reference posts on Facebook as evidence, 24 reference posts on YouTube, 20 single out Instagram posts (owned by Facebook), and only eight highlight posts on Parler.”

As you can see from the evidence above, the main culprit and platform that should be under investigation isn’t Parler but the tech giant Facebook, yet they continue to act as if they are the gatekeepers of speech.

Over the years, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube have overstepped their boundaries and put themselves in a place of authority. And with the Democrats on their side, who is to stop them? Even with the evidence showing Parler’s innocence, the site was still taken down until they had to prove themselves not the culprit.

So now that the facts are out, what will happen to Facebook? Given the nurturing relationship they have with the controlling Democrats, there will likely be nothing more than a formal hearing with some predetermined narrative. A mere slap on the wrist as they continue to disrupt America.