In one of the few things Woodrow Wilson got right, when Mexican criminals started making their force felt on the border in 1917, he despatched the U.S. Army, including a young George Patton, to teach them to stay on their side of the fence. While gang leader Pancho Villa escaped capture, his force was destroyed. Sadly, this option may be over the top today. But, give it a year and…

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FNC: “President Biden’s immigration policies will make a dire situation on America’s border with Mexico even worse, Fox Nation host Lara Logan told ‘Fox & Friends’ Monday. Logan joined co-host Steve Doocy ahead of the premiere of her new series ‘Lara Logan Has No Agenda: Return to the Border’ on Fox Nation.”

“The reality is, Steve, and I think the headline here, is that the cartels have become a shadow government in Mexico,” Logan said. “They’re a parallel government, and the Mexican government itself takes its orders from the cartels. They control everything on both sides of the border. So, what you are seeing already is they have communicated to people [and] [t]hey have people rushing over the border in high numbers now,..A lot of the [border patrol] sectors are up significantly in terms of ‘got-aways. We are talking about thousands of people who are just running past border patrol agents, and they can’t keep up with the numbers, because they’re waiting for that amnesty.

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“Based on the guidelines so far that have gone out to the border agencies, they are moving from a mission of border security to one that is almost entirely about migrant care because they are taking agents off their normal jobs. They are taking them off security patrols and taking them off the special units like post patrols and they are already building facilities now. And basically, they don’t want to keep people there because under the COVID guidelines, you have to have certain distances between people. And border patrol isn’t even set up to house children … let alone house people under COVID.” With this situation at our southern border, the Biden administration wants to open the doors. They will regret it.