With the no doubt rapturous reception awaiting the immediately former president at CPAC in Orlando next week, former veep Mike Pence does well to stay clear of that crowd.

In it will be many Trump cultists who feel Pence ignored his constitutional duty by not stopping congressional certification of the Electoral College. Perhaps even some will be there who applauded and still have warm and fuzzy feelings for the assault on the Capitol.

If Pence, a tremendously more conservative man and leader than Trump, were to take the stage he would likely be subjected to the kind of booing and hissing you would think would be reserved for a politician who, by ego and stupidity, lost two Senate races in Georgia thus tipping the entire Congress blue. But no. That guy is going to get a standing ovation. So, this year, not so much a conservative conference, as a cultist conference that has little to do with the legitimate Right and much to do with the unnatural worship of one man.

FNC: “Former Vice President Mike Pence has declined an invitation to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Fox News has learned. Pence was invited to speak at the annual event but turned it down, according to a source familiar with the event planning. Former President Donald Trump will be in attendance, however, as he is scheduled to make his first major public appearance since leaving office. Two sources told Fox News that Trump is planning to address the conference on Sunday, Feb. 28. The event will kick off in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday. A Pence aide told Fox News Sunday that the former vice president has been intentionally been keeping a low profile, focusing on family and his new partnerships with the Heritage Foundation and Young America’s Foundation.”

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Pence’s “I’m too busy with Heritage” excuse is akin to the dog ate my breakfast or I’m washing my hair alibi also deployed to get out of sticky situations. And, does Pence really want to share a bill with a guy who called him a coward and who told a mob that wanted to hang him “we love you”? Unlikely.