Coming from Chris Wallace, no fan of Trump or Pence, the credibility of the report here can certainly be questioned. However, given the facts as we know them, how could an honorable man like Mike Pence not feel totally betrayed by a man he had been loyal to for four years? How could he not bitterly resent that while a crowd bayed for Pence’s blood on January 6th Donald Trump egged them on?

FNC: “Former Vice President Mike Pence feels ‘residual bitterness’ toward former President Donald Trump over his lack of concern for Pence’s safety during the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, ‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace told ‘The Story’ on Wednesday. ‘That weekend [after the riot], some members of the Pence team called me up … to make it clear — this is how angry the Pence team was — that Donald Trump never called Mike Pence when he was in the bunker inside the Capitol, to ask him if he was safe, to inquire about his safety, nor did he ever urge the people who were storming the Capitol to stand down and not to go after Mike Pence.’ Pence, in his role as vice president, was presiding over a joint session of Congress when the Capitol was breached by a mob attempting to stop the certification of Biden’s Electoral College victory. Five people, including a Capitol Hill Police officer, died during the attack, which forced Pence and other lawmakers to flee the House and Senate chambers.”

They felt they did “‘everything we could for four years to serve you, to stand by you,'” Wallace said. “‘You asked us to do something that was a constitutional impossibility, and then you didn’t protect us when the mob came to — literally to try to find him [Pence]’ and to, in the minds of some of them, to execute him.”

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To execute him. The mob of lunatics outside and inside the capitol had literally erected a gallows, though a rather slipshod item as gallows go, to hang Pence and others who would not follow their deranged lead. What did Trump do? He told the mob they were “special” and that “we love you” while simultaneously insulting Pence over Twitter. That’s what loyalty to Trump gets you. It is a lesson for our times.