Months ago this publication warned that if Biden was elected Israel would be sold out and Iran would be back in the nuclear weapon business. We were sadly right. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on the Biden administration’s unnatural eagerness to get back into bed with the Iranians on nukes and other matters. Pompeo spoke to various press outlets on Thursday.

Pompeo: “The Ayatollah understands only strength. I led a response to the Iranian threat that protected the American people from its terror and supported the Jewish state of Israel,” Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon. “Adopting the European Union model of accommodation … will guarantee Iran a path to a nuclear arsenal…We were incredibly engaged and incredibly productive.”

Later, he said, “The work that we did in the Middle East — whether it’s the Abraham accords in getting multiple countries to agree to recognize Israel, or the work we did to put the Iranian regime under pressure — those were good things for the American people. It created wealth, it created jobs here at home and it kept us more safe as well…When the Iranians sense weakness, they’ll attack. What we did is that when they came after an American, we made this very clear: Whether they attacked an American through a proxy force in Iraq, whether they attacked an American through Hezbollah in Syria, wherever it was, wherever Iran was responsible, we were going to hold the Iranians accountable. That’s the kind of strength that built the deterrance model that we had with respect to Iran. I hope that this current adminsitration won’t give up on that…We know under that under President Obama, they coddled the Iranian regime. They signed up for a deal that presented a pathway, a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon. When the Iranians will sense that that’s the deal, they can strike, they’ll continue to inflict costs on the American people.”

Also, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-TX, said the Biden administration needed to use the U.S. sanctions to get a deal that stops an Iranian nuclear bomb. “It is concerning the Biden administration is already making concessions in an apparent attempt to re-enter the flawed Iran deal,” said McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.