And we’re back with another Biden story. Luckily, this time it has more substance than talking about what video games he likes to play. And don’t forget – nobody beats Biden. Not even his granddaughter. No, now that Biden is back from his mini-vacation to Camp David, he sadly has to return to being our President. One of the first things he decided to do was hold a Town Hall meeting where he was supposed to address the needs of America. Instead, Biden retreated to his usual antics of fumbling over words and blaming others.

In the video below, you will get a front-row seat to watching a person who is clearly out of their depth. At the Town Hall, Biden was asked a series of questions that were mostly soft balled to him from hosts Anderson Cooper. But that isn’t what makes this video almost too hard to watch. The problem lies in how Biden acts. Before we jump into what he tries to discuss, take a look at the video below.

Well, there is absolutely no way to transcribe what he tried to say, but luckily, we have a Biden translator on standby. Apparently, Biden is under the assumption that there was no vaccine when he came to the White House. Even though several outlets already broke the story months ago about the Trump vaccine, Biden stands on stage and clearly states that there was no vaccine until he and the Democrats took control. He then tries to define what a vaccine actually is, but thankfully that tangent only lasts mere seconds before he moves on to slamming immigrants and inner-city citizens.

Again, the facts that Biden is claiming are completely false, yet the media continues to go with it. Even Cooper didn’t stop the President from saying that immigrants and people living in inner cities don’t know how to use the internet. Completely shocking, yet everybody just seems to nod their head as Biden slams both groups of people as being ignorant.

And to top off his entire speech, Biden was sure to give a nod to his love across the globe – China. He talked about how good they are doing even though they have been caught persecuting their people while enslaving the Uyghurs.