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WATCH: Democrat’s Relief Bill Is Full Of Democrat Useless Spending

Although absolutely astonishing, the Democrats were actually able to complete a single task this week as they introduced the new COVID Relief Bill. Now, before you get all excited about the next round of stimulus checks, you should know that the Democrats drafted the bill, and with that, control all the elements stuffed into the package. What does that mean exactly? How about 591 pages. That is how long the new bill is and as you may have already guessed, the Dems packed it full of leftist incentives.

In the video below, you will see what makes the new Relief bill so hefty as the Democrats act as if this is the answer to all their problems. But what about the American people? The businesses and families who have been ruined because of the pandemic and how the Democrats treated it in the aftermath? Well, the bill doesn’t say much about them but don’t worry, the money is being well spent. Find out just how by watching the video below.


There you go, nothing says helping the American people with COVID-19 like spending $50 million on Family Planning, which includes abortions, but at least the name sounds nice. Let’s not forget about the fine arts. Wouldn’t dare want to leave them out, so why not give them $135 million to get through these tough times. And while we’re out it, throw another $200 million at the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

As you are starting to see, the money from the Relief package isn’t going into your pockets like the Democrats say it is – it’s being used to line the pockets of cooperate greed. Don’t believe me, the bill allocates another $91 million to help “prevent, prepare for, and include outreach” to students about financial aid. In short, the money will go to make sure students don’t forget to make their payments on time.

But while the government is printing money without balancing the scales, they couldn’t forget the struggling airlines. The same airlines who can barely keep their engines running properly are going to receive a staggering $15 billion bailout in this package. They already received one, but this one should work.

And lastly, the Democrats haven’t been good at selling the vaccine to the American people, so they are asking for a handout as well in the amount of $1 billion. The money will go “to strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States, provide further information and education with respect to vaccines, and improve rates of vaccination throughout the United States.”

There you have it, but don’t worry – the Dems were sure to add in a measly $1400 for your pain and suffering.