Since America was founded, the right to bear arms has always been a staple to freedom and liberty. Over the years, the Democrats have waged a silent war against the NRA and any person that believes owning a weapon is an American right. To the Democrats and their liberal followers, having a weapon is too dangerous for the average citizen and should only be handled by licensed professionals. And with all of Washington under their control, President Biden is introducing one of the most ambitious gun bills yet in hopes of destroying the industry and gaining even more control over the people. 

The bill, which is currently waiting to be voted on, calls for psychological evaluations for gun owners, mandatory liability insurance, a seven-day waiting period on all semi-automatic firearms purchased, licenses for all gun owners, and even registration on all ammunition. And if that wasn’t enough red tape to potentially turn away gun owners, Biden is also calling for the bill to include an absolute ban on all assault rifles as well as high-capacity ammunition.   

While Biden has made his stance on gun ownership known in the past, the NRA recently sent out a cryptic tweet warning all its members to be prepared as lawmakers will be voting on the controversial bill as early as next week. The tweet reads, “Sources in DC report that Congress will be voting on Biden’s extreme gun control legislation as early as next week. Possible that they will bypass the committee process. Stay tuned, NRA members.”

Given the measures the Democrats went through to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump, it’s safe to say they will do whatever it takes to get the votes they need to completely disarm America. While they continue to spread a message of unity and hope, the Democrats are slowly stripping away the freedoms that many Americans take for granted and with the help from the media – many don’t even know the vote will be taking place. 

With the Democrats trying to sneak the bill through, the media is busy boasting Biden’s 60% approval rating to the masses in hopes that they will not notice the freedoms being stolen right in front of them.