Need a laugh after a day of toil and strife? Then watch Ted Cruz make a leftist look like an idiot. That’s enough to brighten anyone’s day.

FNC: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas., was quick to dismiss a reporter’s request that he wear a mask during a Senate presser on Wednesday. Cruz stepped up to the microphones, but was stopped before he could speak by the unidentified reporter asking, ‘Would you mind putting on a mask for us?’

‘Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask,’ Cruz responded. ‘All of us have been immunized, so…’

‘It’d make us feel better,’ the reporter is heard replying.

‘You’re welcome to step away if you’d like,” Cruz said before chuckling. ‘The whole point of the vaccine — CDC guidance is what we’re following.’ ”

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Let’s take that step by step. First the soy boy newsie goes all Nanny State and asks a United States senator to abide by the quivering fears inherent in his weak sissified lefty journo persona. He really asks the wrong senator.

Cruz sarcastically, but holstering his big guns thus taking pity on the waif, tells him no and gives him a reason why. Then, here it is. It’s…

Feelings. Nothing more than…feelings. With apologies to Morris Albert, of course the wee lad referenced his feelings because that’s all he has. Logic, reason, empirical evidence are all out the door for him. He has.. sniff…sniff…feelings. Cruz then, still humorously, tells the newsie he can get lost. Though, not in those words.

If there ever was an exchange between a conservative and a leftist that was more indicative of their respective thinking patterns it would be hard to find. A leftist makes an unreasonable request using as a rationale, his feelings. A conservative responds with wit and facts and defies leftist presumptions. Conservative wags had a field day with the incident.

“Like a boss,” radio host Derek Hunter reacted. “‘It would make us feel better’ = muh feelings matter more than science,” Spectator USA editor Amber Athey tweeted. Brillers!

“This is exactly how to respond to a performative virtue signaling reporter pretending to be scared of a vaccinated politician,” said The Daily Wire’s Cabot Phillips, who has a superb WASP name. Cruz himself later tweeted, “Lefty reporters have lost their minds. #commonsense”. As usual, Cruz nailed it.