Apparently, when armed thugs invade the Capitol to intimidate Congress that’s an insurrection. Well, not quite, but okay for argument’s sake. But Monday, when soldiers, led by a member of Congress of the opposing party, marched to the office of a Congresswoman to intimidate her, well, according to Democrats, that’s just fine.

FNC: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is demanding the Defense Department stop being used for political purposes after the National Guard accompanied a Democratic lawmaker to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office. ‘@DeptofDefense is being politicized. Uniformed service members recently criticized a private citizen for his First Amendment rights, & today a Dem lawmaker used soldiers in a political stunt against a GOP member,’ McCarthy wrote on Twitter Monday. ‘@SecDef Austin—This sets a dangerous precedent. It must stop now.’ On Monday, Guam Democratic House Delegate Michael San Nicolas posted footage of the island territory’s National Guard accompanying him to the Georgia Republican’s Capitol office…The move came after, while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Greene last month inaccurately called Guam a foreign country, likening it to China, Russia and Middle Eastern nations. San Nicolas said at the time he would reach out to Greene’s office. Greene was stripped of her committee assignments following other controversial comments she’s made.”

“I was taking my Guardsmen on a tour of the Capitol, and we stopped by several members’ offices, and we delivered some goodies,” San Nicolas told CNN. “Cookies should never be considered a political prop, and neither should our military. But goodwill is absolutely something that we wish to extend from Guam to everybody.” Oh, horse manure. The delivery could have been made by others than the military. And, “his guardsmen”? Wonder what their commander would think about that?

On Tuesday Greene sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and National Guard Chief Gen. Daniel Hokanson. “In recent days, there has been a dangerous and troubling trend in which members of our armed forces are being used to intimidate civilians, harass members of Congress and their staff, and attack conservative journalists for expressing their views…Imagine if I, or any of my Republican colleagues from Georgia, marched with members of the Georgia National Guard over to a Democrat Member of Congress’ office to ambush and record their staff.” Exactly. She is a firecracker who on occasion goes over the top, but she’s right on this one.