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Gov. DeSantis Rejects Vaccine Passports For Florida Residence

Although vaccine distribution is on course to reach over 100 million doses, the Democrats believe there could be more Americans can do to help stop the spread. Since COVID-19 was first reported, the left has seized the virus to gain control over the country and its citizens. From useless mask mandates to lockdowns, each so-called preventative measure strips away another freedom from the American people. Their latest attempt at control comes in the form of “vaccine passports”. 

The idea of a vaccine passport isn’t a new concept for the Democrats. Some private businesses such as airlines require all international flyers to present COVID-19 testing results before boarding. There has even been a push from the Biden Administration to force all travelers to present some sort of vaccine passport before being able to fly. In Israel, the “green pass” was introduced to encourage people to be vaccinated. But while state governments debate the idea, one governor isn’t having it. Welcome to Florida. 

On Thursday, Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear that Florida would not be imposing a vaccine passport on its residence. In other states, citizens would need to show proof in order to gain entry into concerts, sporting events, or mass gatherings, but DeSantis sees it as nothing more than a bad idea. He said, “I just want to make very clear in Florida, we are not doing any vaccine passports. All those experts said that it was a bad idea. I think it’s a bad idea, and so that will not happen. And so folks should get vaccinated, if they want to, we’ll obviously provide that, but under no circumstances will the state be asking you to show proof of vaccination, and I don’t think private companies should be doing that either.”

It should be noted that it isn’t just DeSantis who sees the vaccine passport as a “bad idea”. Numerous experts have warned that Americans who decline to get the vaccine could be forced into a second-class status because of their right not to be vaccinated. 

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University said, “The vaccine hesitancy data show that the people who are hesitant to take vaccines actually tend to be the working-class people, poor, poor people, minority populations. We’re going to then turn around and say, ‘You have to have a vaccine passport to participate in American life,’ it’s going to be a new vaccine Jim Crow. It’s a huge, huge mistake that will undermine trust in public health, and I think it’s just morally, it’s just morally wrong.”

In the end, DeSantis believes it should be left up to the people to decide rather be vaccinated or not. He said, “If you want to go to an event, go to an event. If you don’t, don’t. But to be requiring people to provide all this proof, that’s not how you get society back to normal, so we’re rejecting any vaccine passports here in the state of Florida.”