Of all the people Joe Biden could have made responsible for the border crisis, Veep Kamala Harris had to be the worst. A power hunger leftist with no discernible talent in her past save one, Harris will bring her understudy bonafides to bear on the most pressing national security problem in America today.

What will she do? Words and nothing else. Why? Because she knows illegal immigration and the potential of illegal voters benefits the Democrats and her own political future.

If, as many suspect, there will only be a decent interval until her accession to the Oval Office via the 25th Amendment she will need those illegal votes, as the mask will be off the Biden campaign for president and the subsequent short-lived administration. The American public will see the setup and many will vote accordingly. Thus, with a potential Republican takeover of Congress in 2022, she knows she must keep the border open now to help her own administration in the future.

FNC: “Gov. Doug Ducey, the Arizona Republican, didn’t mince words Wednesday shortly after he learned that President Biden was tapping Vice President Harris to oversee the effort to resolve the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Ducey, who was in Tucson, told reporters that Harris is “the worst possible choice” for the job. He also said that Harris’ selection is evidence that Biden has trivialized the situation. He said Harris just ‘flat out’ doesn’t care. He pointed to Harris’ career as a senator from California. He said she has made it clear that she does not consider the border ‘a problem or a serious threat.’ Harris was recently criticized after she laughed when asked by a reporter if she would be visiting the border. She joked, ‘Not today.’ ”

“If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this seriously, he’s really done the exact opposite,” Ducey said.

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Biden insisted, “It’s not her full-responsibility job, but she is leading the effort because I think the best thing to do is to put someone who, when he or she speaks, they don’t have to wonder about, is that where the president is. When she speaks, she speaks for me.” It might bode better for American government if the president himself knew where he was.