While Americans are rejoicing that the Democrats were finally able to come to an agreement on the stimulus bill, another piece of legislation was secretly passed that the media isn’t talking about. It comes as no surprise the Democrats have been attacking Americans’ right to own guns and ammunition for decades now, but while the Republicans have been able to keep them at bay, the new Administration controls all of Washington. And with that comes legislation H.R.8 and the new restrictions on how a person can buy and sell a gun. 

Introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), because California doesn’t have enough problems to deal with, the new bill will extend background checks to private gun sales as well. That means you can no longer sell that pistol or assault rifle to your neighbor without the government’s consent. 

Using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), the FBI will be in charge of who is now able to own and operate any sort of firearm. A similar piece of legislation passed in 2019, but the Republicans destroyed the bill in the Senate. But that tactic might now work now as the Democrats not only control the House but the Senate as well. As for a tie, the deciding vote would go to Kamala Harris who is sure to side with Thompson and might even push for more restrictions. 

As for the Democrats, they are overwhelmed by the fact that they might control yet another pillar of American freedom. Even Thompson expressed his excitement as he said the bill is supposedly supported by “90 percent of the American [people].” While Thompson continues to push the bill forward, it should be noted that he nor any Democrat could present data showing that over 90% of Americans support harsher restrictions on civilians. 

Seeing the opportunity to infringe on the Second Amendment, even Nancy Pelosi boasted about the bill during a press conference on Thursday. She said, “If you are afraid to vote for gun violence prevention because of your political survival, understand this: The political survival of none of us is more important than the survival of our children.”

Even the mysteriously absent Joe Biden committed to fighting for stricter gun laws. His Press Secretary said Biden is “not afraid of standing up to the NRA — he’s done it multiple times and won — on background checks and a range of issues.” Again, there was no evidence showing that Biden had in fact beaten the NRA before.