No one beats the telegenic and brilliant Laura Ingraham for partisan fire. Usually she’s absolutely spot on.


However, when ideology is substituted for empirical evidence even a good thing can be taken too far.

FNC: “Ingraham railed against Democrats who she said are revealing themselves daily as ‘anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-religion, anti-family, anti-gun, anti-law enforcement, and anti-history.’ All true. But then she throws Republicans into the mix in a fit of populist fury. Facts counter her argument.

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“For some perspective, we need to step back a little bit,” Ingraham continued, “Since Reagan left office, the bipartisan establishment in Washington has been obsessed with five really bad ideas.”

“They believe that we have a labor shortage here in the United States, so they want the borders as wide open as possible.” Since Reagan? Bipartisan? When did Newt Gingrich or Mitch McConnell call for open borders?

“They believe that the Chinese Communist Party will evolve, and eventually become more free.” Ah yes, that coddler of communists, Dick Cheney.

“The establishment has long believed that the future belongs to social liberalism.” She’s confusing the culture with the Republican establishment, who aren’t exactly libertarian party animals.

“They believe we should bring democracy to the Middle East.” She’s going after Bush the Younger and the point is well taken. But less quixotic Republicans in the defense and intelligence establishment objected to Bush’s fuzzy neo-Wilsonian goals. To no avail.

“The old bipartisan cabal believes that trade should never be restrained, making it easier for companies to shift jobs offshore.” Would she tell private firms how to run their businesses? How is that different from the big government liberalism of Nancy Pelosi?

“After we coalesced around Donald Trump,” Ingraham continued, “We had a leader who took our ideas into the White House. In less than a decade, we had beaten the leadership of both parties. It’s one of the most successful political movements in American history. So taken by surprise, the empire struck back. They impeached President Trump not once, but twice. They censored us online and drove many into hiding into the cancel culture. They called us fascist and racists, and still do.” She’s switched her argument from policy to politics. Some of us noticed.

“41 years ago,” Ingraham concluded, “The conservatives led by Ronald Reagan took over the White House and saved this country from an era of decline and despair. This generation of conservatives now has the organization and policies that could do the same again…Our ideas are making life better for millions in the red states, but were not going to stop there. This must be a 50 state movement devoted to uplifting the whole country. We are not going to stop until our mission is complete.” Good, as long as the mob of any party doesn’t lead the mission.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on March 3, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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