In American soccer, home of the PC gesture, history and patriotism are not allowed. After all, it could offend a communist or two. Soccer official Seth Jahn recently found that out. But kudos to him for telling hard truths.

FNC: “A U.S. Soccer Federation’s Athlete Council member was removed Sunday after giving a speech at a meeting voicing his opinion against the organization repealing the anti-kneeling policy. Seth Jahn, 38, was against the U.S. Soccer Federation’s decision to repeal the rule for players barring kneeling during the national anthem. The organization’s board voted to repeal the policy in June and it was affirmed in its annual meeting Saturday with more than 71% voting in favor of the repeal.” Here’s what he said. You be the judge.

Jahn: “I’m sure I’m going to ruffle some feathers with what I’m about to say, especially given the athletes council that I’m on, but given the evolution of our quote-unquote, progressive culture where everything offends everybody, those willing to take a knee for our anthem don’t care about defending half of our country and when they do so, then I don’t have too much concern in also exercising my First Amendment right. We’re here to get a different perspective. I also feel compelled to articulate that I’m of mixed race and representative of undoubtedly the most persecuted people in our country’s history, Native Americans…

“I keep hearing how our country was founded on the backs of slaves, even though approximately only 8% of the entire population even owned slaves. Every race in the history of mankind has been enslaved by another demographic at some point time. Blacks have been enslaved. Hispanics have been enslaved… Natives have been enslaved. Whites have been enslaved. Shoot, I lived in Africa for two and a half years where I could purchase people, slaves, between the price of $300 and $800 per person, per head depending on their age, health and physicality.

“Where were the social justice warriors and the news journalists there to bring their ruminations to these real atrocities? And yet in all of history, only one country has fought to abolish slavery, the United States of America, where 300,000 men died to fight for the abolishment of slavery underneath the same stars and stripes that our athletes take a knee for. Their sacrifice is tainted with every knee that touches the ground.” When he received flak for his patriotism, he responded in this robust manner. Well done Mr. Jahn.

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