Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of Trump’s staunchest defenders during the impeachment battle, may be forced out of politics if the sexually-related charges arrayed against him turn out to be true. Gaetz, Republican of Florida, is accused of a host of boorish behaviors that are public relations nightmares. Those alone could sink him.

But he is also under FBI investigation for having sex with a minor and traveling with her across states to engage in the action. Thus, prompting possible sex trafficking charges.

According to the New York Post, no liberal paper, “Gaetz, a Florida Republican, is under investigation amid recent reports that he hosted drug-fueled sex parties with pals — and allegedly paid a 17-year-old girl to travel with him to have sex. Multiple sources — including two people who reportedly viewed the material — told CNN that the rep has allegedly shown lewd images of women he slept with to colleagues and friends. Last week, the New York Times reported that the FBI had questioned several women who claim they were paid to have sex with Gaetz.” Gaetz strongly denies the charges. Though his usage of the standard change the subject and kill the messenger/I did not have sex with that woman-Ms. Lewinsky defense is being openly laughed at by members of both parties in Washington.

Rumors have swirled around Gaetz in Florida and DC political circles for some time. Potential female staffers, according to Hill sources, have actually been warned against working in his office. He’s guilty, again according to Hill sources, of showing overtly sexual pictures on his phone (some of the them featuring him) to his male House colleagues, bragging about his own sexual prowess while describing the scenes in lurid detail.

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His alleged sharing of intimate pics of sexual partners made former Democrat Rep. Katie Hill of California, she of “throuple” fame, comment, “The last few days I’ve been depressed, anxious, nauseated.” Likely because she did not receive an invitation to one of Gaetz’s carnal soirees.

The allegations against Gaetz are enough to make lampreys faint in aesthetic mortification. They may also end his career in office. At this point, with this much smoke and likely fire, Gaetz would do well to resign. Nothing that will happen from this juncture will benefit him in the slightest.