Make no mistake about it, there is a crisis at the Southern Border. Even with the Democrats and President Joe Biden deciding to turn a blind eye to the whole situation, stories and videos are flooding the internet, showing just how dire the problem really is. Believing his VP could handle the job, Biden passed the problem over to Kamala Harris who simply laughed when asked if she would be visiting the border any time soon. With options running out, reports are circulating that the Biden Administration is considering a move that would finish a project that former President Trump started. 

During a conference with ICE employees, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas let it slip that the President was considering finishing “gaps” in the wall that President Trump first started construction on. And if you might have forgotten, it was President Biden who halted construction on the wall that many believe caused the massive influx of illegal immigrants over the past few months. 

The secretary also stated, “It’s not a single answer to a single question. There are different projects that the chief of the Border Patrol has presented and the acting commissioner of CBP presented to me. The president has communicated quite clearly his decision that the emergency that triggered the devotion of DOD funds to the construction of the border wall is ended. But that leaves room to make decisions as the administration, as part of the administration, in particular areas of the wall that need renovation, particular projects that need to be finished.” 

So, according to the President, he accomplished his goal of stopping Trump from finishing the wall that would separate Mexico and the United States. Now he can use those funds to finish “gaps”, “gates”, and “areas” along the border that need to be repaired or replaced. 

Simply put, Biden and the Democrats stopped construction on the wall only to realize it was the best option at keeping the border situation under control. And not wanting to admit any wrongdoing, Biden has decided to claim victory over Trump while secretly using funds to finish the same wall he fought so hard against.