If you might not have known, for the past several months, the Democrats have declared an all-out war on Georgia for their new voter laws. Labeling it as the new era of “Jim Crow”, President Joe Biden himself helped sway the MLB to move their All-Star game to another state. Not to mention the several other repercussions Georgia is weathering because of the Democrats. But while they might not like the state, it sure isn’t stopping one certain person from visiting there to help sway voters for the upcoming election. 

According to the New York Post and even the President’s Press Secretary, Joe Biden will be traveling to the state of Georgia in an upcoming route for his future campaign. Jen Psaki told reporters, “On the president’s 100th day in office, he and the first lady will travel to Georgia to highlight how he has delivered on his promises to the American people. While he is there, he will participate in a car rally.” 

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Surprisingly, Psaki forgot to tell reporters the best part. The entire trip is being sponsored by the DNC. That’s right. The same Democrats who threatened to cripple Georgia’s economy are now having a change of heart as they want to make sure the state will still vote blue. And why wouldn’t they? The Democrats cost the state $100 million for moving the All-Star game, and who can forget that A-Lister Will Smith pulled his movies from being filmed there as well. When all is said and done, it’s incredible that any Democrats would want to come within walking distance of Georgia. 

As for Biden, he plans to talk about how he saved the country from Donald Trump, his COVID-19 vaccine (which Trump started), and how we all need to end fossil fuels. Another agenda from the Democrats. But then again, only Biden would want to talk about fossil fuels while holding a rally where people actually sit in their cars. And what about the plane Biden took to get to Georgia. It appears that Biden might have forgotten what cars and planes run off of. But then again – it would be the first time.