Given the debacle that was the “60 Minutes” smear campaign against DeSantis, Americans are starting to see that the Democrats don’t operate in a world of facts. If they believe it to be wrong, they will manipulate and alter the news to fit their narrative. Off the heels of the Cuomo scandal, the Democrats needed to divert the attention to someone else other than their golden boy. Enter the latest breaking news that GOP Matt Gaetz stands accused of having sexual relations with a minor. But since the Democrats now control the narrative, is Gaetz really a sexual predator, or is this just the latest coverup created to divert people from the real story? 

Seeing that accusing someone of sexual assault wasn’t enough, the New York Times decided to thicken the plot by writing that Gaetz not only nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, which he did but that he did this in hopes that President Trump would grant him and some of his congressional allies a pardon. 

And why would Gaetz be looking for a pardon when he hasn’t been charged with anything? Although they consider themselves to be professional journalists, the New York Times failed to add in or come up with a good enough reason for Gaetz to pursue such an odd request. But thankfully, former President Trump decided to speak up on the matter and set the record straight. 

In a statement, Trump said, “Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon. It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him.”

Since the Times broke the story back in March, Gaetz has denied the allegations, saying he and his family are, “victims of an organized criminal extortion. No part of the allegations against me are true, and the people pushing these lies are targets of the ongoing extortion investigation.”

With the former President taking his side, Gaetz is determined to fight the allegations against him. And as for those pardons for his friends, Gaetz has been vocal about Trump using his powers to pardon political alleys due to the constant witch hunt brought on by the liberal left. Even a spokesman for Gaetz reached out to the Times, saying, “Those comments have been on the record for some time, and President Trump even retweeted the congressman, who tweeted them out himself.”

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So, is Gaetz really the sexual deviant the left wants you to believe or is this just another tactic to suppress the real news from being seen or heard?