It was a little over a month ago that President Biden decided the best way to address the Southern Border crisis was to do nothing at all and pass the problem to his VP, Kamala Harris. With her in charge, the President reassured the American people that there was no one else better qualified, and the situation would be handled with the utmost urgency. So with that, let’s take a look at the Vice President and what she has done to help stop the surge of immigrants at the border. 

As you might have guessed, it isn’t going to take long to look at what Harris has done at the border, because sadly – she hasn’t done anything. Well, she did talk to some high-ranking officials about how the root cause of the problem is most likely “climate change”. While surprisingly, climate change has been the Democrat’s calling card for several years now, so for Harris to pull that card isn’t new. 

But just because Harris hasn’t tackled the issue as she instead moves into the Vice President’s mansion doesn’t mean she won’t. On May 7th, Harris is scheduled to talk to Mexico’s President, so she must be waiting to bring the issue up then. That is what a leader would do, but Harris is instead going to discuss planting trees… 

Knowing that the world is watching and waiting, Harris’s latest move to solve the border crisis was to go on CNN and defend her actions. In the video below, Harris not only gives the reason she was picked but also inadvertently calls out the person who started the whole problem in the first place. Watch the interview below. 

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In the interview, Harris talks about how during the Obama Presidency Biden was picked to deal with the influx of immigrants in the Northern Triangle, so it was only logical that they follow the same model in the Biden Administration. But what Harris doesn’t get is not only did she admit she isn’t qualified for the job, but she also admitted that Biden started the border crisis as far back as the Biden Administration. 

But as always, Harris nor the Democrats noticed the slip and merely glossed over several key questions pertaining to the southern border, because remember – it’s not a crisis.