One of the most repulsive parts about the Left is their condescension towards minorities. That patronizing attitude manifests itself in things like affirmative action and critical race theory. Affirmative action says, “Little black or brown person, you’re not smart enough to compete with whites on an equal basis. So we will cheat in your favor.”

Critical race theory says, “We refuse to hold black or brown people responsible for their own actions because they essentially are children. So we will blame everything on whites to distract from the myriad problems in minority communities.”

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It’s a scam. Real leaders in the minority community like Shelby Steele, the late Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Bob Woodson define themselves primarily as individuals and down the list as members of a demographic collective.

As some of you who read this space know, I’m Latin, South American Indian, and black. And, who cares? Did I have anything to do with my heritage? No. Can I change it? No again. Does it define me as an individual? It would be sad if it did. Bob Woodson understands confident individualism and how critical race theory undermines it. He talked to FNC about it.

FNC: “Founder of The Woodson Center and civil rights activist Bob Woodson joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ Sunday to argue against what he calls progressives’ ‘insidious’ agenda.  Woodson also opposed requiring critical race theory in public school curriculum, arguing that it teaches ‘helplessness’ and black self-doubt, and should be optional for students.”

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Woodson: “I think they should allow it to be taught. But what we have done at the Woodson Center is we’ve offered 1776 as an alternative. And I think we ought to insist that they be competitive, side-by-side discussions of our past and our future. So I would say we should insist on competition and give parents the choice of which approach they want to take against banning it…

“…It’s really planting the seeds of black self-doubt and self-destruction, and it is wreaking havoc in our communities. And so what we are saying is blacks are not defined by slavery or Jim Crow.” Exactly. They are, and have the potential to be, better than that.