The US Navy can’t get its act together while the Chinese Navy surpasses ours and is projecting power across the Pacific. Like Democrat mayors in high crime cities who defund the police, Biden is cutting vital areas of defense in the face of this threat to American national interests. This will only embolden the Chinese.

FNC: “The U.S. Navy fleet currently falls shy of 300 ships, despite a stated goal of 355 ships. The Chinese fleet now outnumbers the U.S. Navy…On top of that, embarrassing photos of rusty U.S. ships online have underscored delays in maintaining warships, made worse by the pandemic. The U.S. Navy’s speedy littoral combat ships had propulsion failures. The gun on its stealthy destroyer is a dud because of expensive ammo. Its newest aircraft carrier had problems with the system that launches aircraft.

“The Navy’s troubles have caused delays and cost billions of dollars. They come as tensions are growing in the South China Sea, Russia’s navy is emboldened, Iranian speedboats are harassing vessels in the Persian Gulf. The most expensive ship in Navy history, meanwhile, is the newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford. It has had problems with the system that launches jets and the elevators that move weapons, among other things. It was supposed to cost $10.5 billion but the price tag has risen to $13.3 billion and ‘four weapons elevators are still not finished and the reliability of key systems is low,’ said Senator Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma.”


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“Are we ready to meet the threat from China? No,” said Loren Thompson, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute. “It tried too hard to leap ahead technologically at the beginning of the last decade. As a result, every vessel that it started had severe problems.”

“The Chinese are closer to our goal than we are,” said Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. “The Navy has got to get their derriere in gear,” said Rep. Rob Wittman, a Republican from Virginia, who said the Navy is at “at one of those crossroads.”

Even Democrats are worried, but probably just for public relations mileage. “Congress has mandated the Navy not put the cart before the proverbial horse by requiring system integration between platforms and new technologies and fully testing prior to rolling out new programs,” said Senator Mazie Hirono, from Hawaii and chair of the Armed Services seapower subcommittee.