Tackling COVID-19, going to war with Big Tech, and now ensuring the safety of voter integrity, is there anything Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can’t do? Even though the rest of the country struggles, Florida continues to show America and Democrats that fear and hiding are not the answer. And at the head of it all is the Republican powerhouse that has become Ron DeSantis. Continuing to show that he cares about Democracy and protecting the right to vote, DeSantis is expected to sign a new bill requiring all votes, even dropboxes to include a signature. 

The bill, which passed the House and Senate by wide margins, is expected to be signed by the Governor who has supported more security around voting. If signed, the bill would require all voters to have a signature and it would limit drop boxes to early voting hours only unless the box is located at a supervisors’ office. And that’s not all, each dropbox would be surprised by an election official and again – an ID would need to be present at the time of voting.

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While DeSantis has been rather silent on the bill, a spokesperson did say he supports it and believes it “will ensure that Florida remains a national leader in election security, integrity and transparency.” 

Seeing it as a huge victory for voters and democracy, the Democrats are obviously upset and are calling it a “Georgia-style voter suppression bill”. State Rep. Anna Eskamani even went on Twitter to spread false facts about the voter bill, tweeting, “It makes it harder to vote by mail, prohibits groups from passing out water to voters and tries to limit ballot boxes. I’m sad but proud of the Democratic Caucus for fighting so hard. Keep fighting.” 

Again, the same people who are calling these new voter laws “Jim Crow” for simply wanting people to present an ID should be helping those without identification get it. Forcing a person to show an ID keeps the voting system secure, safe, and reliable. The only reason a party would be upset about these laws is if they are willing to use unsavory tactics to secure a Presidential win. And we all remember 2020.