As you read this S1, the Democrat HR1 now in the Senate, is being decided. With it goes the future of American elections.

FNC: “Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer clashed Tuesday at a Senate Rules Committee markup of S. 1, a Democrat-backed elections bill that would dramatically change the role of the federal government in elections. The two party leaders are members of the Rules Committee but rarely appear to speak at hearings and markups. But they were both at the contentious hearing for the bill in March, where they traded accusations of ‘Shame!’

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“Similar fireworks happened shortly after the markup began Tuesday, with Schumer, D-N.Y., tying GOP opposition to the bill to former President Donald Trump’s false election claims and election security bills in state legislatures that Democrats oppose. McConnell, R-Ky., meanwhile, hammered Democrats over the fact that they’ve changed the reasoning for their support of this bill over the years.”

“In the wake of the 2020 elections…. former president Trump told a lie, a big lie, that the election was stolen… poisoning faith in our democracy and fomenting an armed insurrection at the Capitol,” Schumer said.

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The Republicans “no longer want to let the voters pick their politicians. They want to let the politicians pick their voters. My God, why aren’t my Republican colleagues outraged by this?” Schumer asked. That is out and out lying gibberish.

“For multiple years now, Democrats have called this sweeping bill their top priority,” McConnell said. “The substance of the legislation has hardly changed. But the supposed rationales for it have changed constantly. In 2016, American voters made a presidential decision that Democrats did not like. This legislation was cooked up and presented as a massive overhaul, an emergency repair job for a broken democracy. Last autumn, voters made a decision that Democrats liked better. Suddenly their side stopped calling our democracy broken. Now our democracy was beyond reproach. But curiously enough, Democrats still want the exact same sweeping bill, just as desperately. The Democratic Party wants to rewrite the ground rules of American politics for partisan benefit,” he added.

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McConnell said that “popular safeguards like voter I.D. would be neutered. Ludicrous practices like ballot harvesting would be made mandatory, coast to coast…The hysterical attacks that the political left has thrown at a new election law in Georgia, for example, have been thoroughly debunked by fact-checkers,” McConnell said. McConnell certainly is winning the debate. The vote could be another matter.