During the campaign trail, Joe Biden promised the American people that he would be a President of unity and would stand up for the little man. The days of being pushed around were over as President Biden promised to fire any person working under him who degraded or bullied another staff member. But while Biden and the media want you to see him in a stunning light, a new report shows the President not only snaps at his staff members but also curses at them when moments get tense. 

First reported by the New York Times, the Biden Administration has worked tirelessly trying to make the American people love Joe Biden. The only problem, President Biden has very few lovable traits. Just take a look at how he treats his own staff members. 

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According to the article, Biden will often snap at people when he gets confused or lost in a conversation. He has even been heard yelling “Let’s talk plain English here” while in a meeting. And if he believes you are wasting his time, Biden has been known to simply hang up and move on about his day. 

That wasn’t all the New York Times had to say about the President either. If you already didn’t know, Biden has an extremely hard time making a decision. He not only second-guesses himself but will leave problems unsolved until he feels comfortable.  

But although some might find the article to be some type of hit piece out to tarnish Biden’s reputation, just look at how he treated everyday people on the campaign trail. In the video below, Biden is meeting with Detroit auto workers when one worker asks Biden his stance on the second amendment. What follows is a tantrum covered with profanity. 

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And who can forget the time a farmer asked Biden about his son’s dealing with a certain gas company. Again, Biden attacks the potential voter, calling him fat, old, and even a damn liar. Take a look for yourself. 

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With the evidence stacking up, it should come as no surprise that recently over 100 retired generals signed a letter questioning the mental and physical capabilities of President Biden.