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California Brainwashes Middle School Students

If you’re looking for an education for your kids don’t go to California. They only perform left wing indoctrination these days. Education went out the door there decades ago.

FNC: “California middle school students were told early this year to read and analyze an op-ed published in The Huffington Post in 2016 titled, ‘Why I’m a Racist,’ sparking backlash from some parents. California has prepared to implement a 900-page, statewide Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) that lawmakers unanimously approved in March for high schools to help students understand the stories of ‘historically marginalized peoples which are often untold in U.S. history courses.’ The students at Oak Middle School in Orange County were asked to analyze various points that the author, Huffington Post contributor Jeff Cook, makes in the piece.

“The op-ed in question begins, ‘I am a white American male. I’m married to a beautiful blond-haired green-eyed woman, and have two amazing blond-haired blue-eyed boys. I was a blond-haired blue-eyed child who grew up in suburban New Jersey in a solid family with a mother, a father, a brother and two dogs.’

“The narrator then says he is ‘uncomfortable with, ignorant of and distant from racial inequalities that exist in’ the U.S. He also writes that he is ‘okay’ with admitting he is a racist, and that doing so did not make him ‘evil.’ ” Ah yes, all blond people are racist and they all have blond kids who are also racist. And they have easy perfect lives, right? That description fits all white people, right? All white people think it’s okay to be racist, correct? It obviously is. California teaches it.

“It was an uncomfortable situation,” Marshal Violia, the father of a seventh-grade student who was assigned to read the essay in his English class, told media. Of course it was. Because courses and instruction like this deliberately promote left wing racism and teach all whites are racist. Any decent rational person would be appalled by it. But not in California. There it is taught as a matter of course. That’s another reason why California should be shoved, if a mere request won’t work, out of the United States. We have nothing in common with them anymore. Let them leave and devolve into Venezuela on the Pacific. We would be better off for it.