As American cities explode in a crime wave we see how well the Democrat policy of “defund the police” is working. Of course, there may be some accuracy in that statement, as Democrats tend to side with criminals and not with law enforcement.

Now Democrats want to do for border security what they did for crime, affect it to the detriment of the American people. That’s why they have unveiled a new policy to defund the Border Patrol. They want to cut the Border Patrol by about $1 billion dollars to ensure less agents on the border means more illegal immigrants entering the United States.

They are doing this for only one reason and it has nothing to do with helping illegal immigrants. They want illegal and new voters to inundate red states, specifically Texas. They know if the Republicans lose Texas the presidency is lost to them. That is the sole goal of the entire Democrat campaign to open the border.

FNC: “While Customs and Border Protection officials are seeing migrants trying to enter the U.S. in numbers that have skyrocketed since last year, the House Appropriations Committee is looking to cut the agency’s net discretionary funding by nearly a billion dollars. The committee’s newly released draft of their Homeland Security funding bill would provide $14.11 billion in net discretionary funding, down $927 million from fiscal year 2021. This comes as CBP released its latest statistics from May of this year. CBP said that officials have encountered 180,034 people trying to cross at the southwestern border, up 1% from April.

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A summary of the bill issued by the committee advertises that the bill ‘[p]rovides no funding for additional Border Patrol Agents or border barriers’ and ‘[r]escinds $2.06 billion from prior year appropriations for border barrier construction.’ ”

Democrats are proud of abandoning border security. “I am proud that this bill respects their dignity by improving conditions in … short-term holding facilities, investing in alternatives to detention, making processing quicker and more efficient, and reducing backlogs of immigration, refugee, and asylum applications,” said Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro, D-CT. A spox from Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office shot back. “President Biden’s border crisis is getting worse, and rather than address the problem, House Democrats’ answer is to cut resources from our immigration enforcement agencies.”