Let the censorship begin! Since COVID-19 was discovered, the Democrats have seized every opportunity to push their liberal agenda to the max. Sensing the fear and unknown surrounding the virus, the Democrats saw no better time than to attack the freedoms every American is born with. Instead of giving people the decision on whether they want to receive the vaccination or not, liberal lawmakers want to make it mandatory for large venues, sporting events and traveling. And while some might see it as a lost cause, a Florida concert is already instituting these measures by charging $999 a ticket for those unvaccinated, and only $18 if you have received the shot. 

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been adamant about allowing people the right to make their own decision, the idea to charge extra for not being vaccinated apparently came from a band promoter. According to the bass player for the Teenage Bottle Rocket, Miguel Chen, the idea was formed after Gov. DeSantis signed a bill banning vaccine passports. “This one particular promoter in St. Pete had this idea that tickets would be $999 or if you show proof of vaccination, $18. We really wanted to leave it up to each promoter to do what they think is best and to try and hold a show safely and he came up with the idea and we backed it.”

And although this is an exact example of discrimination, the promoter views it more as an incentive or perk rather than a restriction. Chen said, “The way (the promoter) kind of described it to me is he was like it’s like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts or whatever giving you a free doughnut or a discount if you show your vaccination card.” 

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, each incentive, each giveaway, or lottery is just another tactic to get Americans to conform to their liberal agenda. The full range of side effects from the vaccine are still unknown, yet the Democrats already want to make it mandatory for employment. And it doesn’t stop there as they also want to push it on your children. But remember, the decision is completely left up to you, it just might end up costing you everything.