With the vaccine is available to all citizens wishing to get it, numerous states and even the White House are having a rather difficult time getting Americans vaccinated. Although Biden continues to praise his vaccine distribution and the supposed percentage of people who have gotten the shot, the truth is – Americans are weary of not only the vaccine but the government as well. Still, hoping to lure people, states have created outrageous incentives to convince citizens. And Washington State is just the latest to offer a free “joint” for every adult vaccinated. 

Excited about their newest incentive, Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board revealed their new program called, “Joints for Jabs.” The program permits cannabis retailers to “provide one joint to adult consumers who receive COVID-19 vaccination at an in-store vaccination clinic.”

For now, Washington still has many COVID-19 restrictions in place, but Governor Jay Inslee said that he will lift the mandates on June 30. It should also be noted that Inslee also admitted that he wouldn’t lift the restrictions until the 16 and older population gets at least one shot. For now, the state currently sits at 63%. 

According to a local cannabis business consultant, Ben Mervis, he sees the initiative as a great opportunity for adults. “So many states declared cannabis retailers and employees as essential early on in the pandemic. This is a poetic opportunity for them to not only give back but to incentivize efforts to create safer, vaccinated communities.”

The groovy program is in effect till July 12 and according to an insider, the program does not include “edibles or bongs”, just pre-rolled joints and it must be claimed at the time of the vaccination. 

Again, the newest incentive is just the latest in a long line of trying to convince Americans to trust not just the vaccine but the Democrats behind it. Other states have offered beer, sporting tickets, and even a chance to win $1 million. 

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As for the “Joints for Jabs” program, local officials admitted that stores must “buy any joints they intend to give away from licensed producers or processors.” They are also ordered to “keep records of any product given away.”