It appears the floodgates are open when it comes to the results of the 2020 election. For months, audits have been taking place all over the country even as President Joe Biden and the Democrats act like he really beat former President Donald Trump. Just a few days ago, an independent audit revealed massive voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia. And if that wasn’t enough to get Americans talking, a separate audit in Arizona found absolutely no record of over 74,000 ballots being received. But that’s not all, it seems the 2020 election results from the state were never even mailed out.


Shortly after the results of the 2020 election were announced, Trump made it clear that the election was stolen using voter fraud. Of course, the media and liberals fell into their usual routine of verbally attacking him for not conceding to Joe Biden. Still, state senators decided to conduct numerous audits around the country and as each one is completed, it appears Trump was yet again – right. And if you were wondering how important those 74,000 ballots are, Biden won Arizona by only 10,457 votes according to NBC. 

While the liberal media is doing everything they can to bury the story, many journalists are standing up, wanting the truth about what happened during the 2020 election. Kyle Becker even tweeted, “NOW I get why Maricopa County and Biden admin fought tooth and nail to prevent an independent audit,” journalist Kyle Becker tweeted following the revelations. 74,000 absentee ballot mail-in records missing, 25K duplicates, voter rolls a mess, bleed throughs, tens of thousands of ballots on demand, admin passwords issues. A disaster.”

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Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward also tweeted the shocking news, “Canvassing is necessary. It is the one way to know if the problems are real problems or just clerical mistakes. There are ~ 74,000 ballots that came back but there is no indication that they were ever sent out by the county! From #FOIA shows logs don’t match!”

As mentioned above, there are far more discrepancies than 74,000 ballots not being received. Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, claimed the examination of the duplicate ballots also revealed some startling news. “It has created great difficulty to try to match up a duplicated ballot to its duplicate.” Meaning that the serial numbers were completely missing from the duplicate ballots.