Since former President Donald Trump decided to run for office back in 2016, the media has done nothing but smear his name and reputation every chance they get. Didn’t matter if the facts were murky or completely false, if it was about Trump – they ran it on prime time for as many days as they could. And remember, they hate Trump and everything he stands for. But as you are about to see, that isn’t necessarily true given the fact that new outlets are struggling to sustain their ratings as they continue to plummet since Trump left office. Even comedian Bill Burr couldn’t help point out the obvious about the media and their love-hate relationship with Trump. 


Appearing on the latest episode of his podcast, Monday Morning, Burr appeared to go off the rails as he normally does when talking about his mother-in-law and her obsession with CNN.  As Burr sees it, the network is full of “fucking morons.”

While Burr is known for disliking most things, his hatred for news comes from their lack of facts and addiction to drama. Discussing CNN, Burr laughed, saying, “Do you know what those fucking morons are doing? Do you know what those fucking morons are doing? They’re fucking talking about Trump. I swear to god. I cannot believe people watch that channel they’re so dumb,” the podcaster ranted, concluding they “want Darth Vader to come back.”

“They can’t bitch about him because he’s wearing a blue tie. So now what do they do? They’re doing what they did the first time to get this guy elected by giving him all this free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. I don’t buy it. They are a corporate news channel. Fucking treasonous un-American pieces of shit, just like Fox News, MSNBC, just like all of them. Just like fucking all of them.”

This isn’t the first time Burr has taken a jab at the liberal media and cancel culture. Back in March, he notoriously defended his Mandalorian co-star Gina Carano after she “implied that the left is stoking public hatred against conservatives in a manner that echoes the way Nazis provoked hatred toward Jews during the Holocaust.” As you can imagine, the left didn’t take too kindly to her words and ultimately led to her being fired. 

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Burr, not caring about the left or right, blasted the decision. “She was an absolute sweetheart. Super nice fucking person. How do you hold up you judging somebody that harshly? I’m not talking about the hardcore shit like sexual assault and rape and stuff. I’m not talking about that. Now it’s becoming, like, ‘Hey you made an ignorant comparison. There goes your dream.’ I look at that and say, ‘Who the fuck stands up to that?’”