Communist mad scientists, a husband targeting his wife for a “disappearance”, the Wuhan food market. No, this isn’t the plotline for “The Bold and the Pestilential” or “Plagues of Our Lives.” A Chinese defector told her story to Tucker Carlson on Wednesday and it is full of melodrama and likely some truths of the COVID-19 origin story.

FNC: “A Chinese coronavirus whistleblower claims her husband is helping the Chinese Communist Party make her ‘disappear’ for exposing the origins of COVID-19 during a bombshell interview in the latest episode of Fox Nation’s ‘Tucker Carlson Today.’ Virologist and medical doctor Li-Meng Yan told Carlson that according to I-94 records, her husband has entered the United States with an HB-1 visa for two years and may be planning to harm her with the assistance of the CCP and some within the U.S. Prior to her escape from China in April of 2020, Yan claimed that her husband attempted to ‘harm’ her in a variety of ways, including poisoning, in order to stop her from fleeing the country.

Yan, who was working at a World Health Organization reference lab in Hong Kong during the onset of the pandemic, was assigned as a secret investigator to probe COVID-19, which was being called the ‘Wuhan pneumonia’ at the time. However, she said she was warned by her supervisor, Dr. Leo Poon, not to ask too many questions. Yan determined, in her opinion, that COVID-19 was a biologically engineered weapon that got out of control, designed by the Chinese military after they learned of its effectiveness during the first SARS outbreak.

This virus was a prime candidate to turn into a biological weapon, but the CCP first needed to test the virus on a small sample group in order to determine how to best utilize it against the world. Yan was shocked to discover that the testing site was Wuhan. China was allegedly testing on its own people.”

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But she was warned not to touch the “red-line” or else the CCP would come after her. “Don’t touch the red line– that means ‘invisible principle,’” Yan said. “Don’t break it. If not, I have to be responsible for that. It means the invisible things that China’s government won’t be happy [about].” Though it sounds like a bad television script, the Chinese Communist Party is not above silencing a defector and using a loyal Communist spouse to do it. In the annals of intelligence history there are much stranger stories.