As it stands, the Democrats control all of Washington. Thanks to the highly contested 2020 Election, the left has become almost drunk with power. Just take a look at Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She believed that her power as Speaker extended to being able to fine representatives who didn’t obey her mask mandate. Of course, all the members fined were Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ralph Norman, and Thomas Massie. Charging them $500 apiece, the GOP representatives are now suing Pelosi for her reign of power. 


Claiming the rules set by Pelosi were unconstitutional, the trio are suing Pelosi, demanding that she get rid of the rule and dismiss the charges. Sadly, this isn’t the first time the congressional members have fought over the mask mandates. Their battle with Pelosi failed to move the House Ethics Committee, which forced the conservatives to ultimately sue the Speaker. 

It should also be mentioned that while Pelosi acts like she cares about the safety of the people around her, she was caught several times not wearing a mask in federal buildings, even when it was mandated. This included the House of Representatives and The White House. And who could forget when she was caught, in the height of the pandemic, getting her haircut without wearing a mask? She even tried to cry victim. 

Although she doesn’t follow the rules, Pelosi issued warnings to seven other Republicans about her mask mandates and how she would fine them if they do not follow the rules. Coincidentally, this was after House Republicans sought to ax the rule following the CDC guidelines that said fully vaccinated people didn’t have to wear masks. It is now known the vaccine does little against the new Delta variant. Still, at the time, House Democrats blocked the move.

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Ralph Norman recalled the vote, “I voted on the House floor without wearing my mask. I did so because I was following the direction of our nation’s top scientists that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask.”

Now, thanks to Pelosi, she will have to answer to her overreach of power in the court of law. And according to other GOP members, this is the first of many.