Donald Trump holds a lot of cards right now. Several Republicans, including Haley, Pompeo, and DeSantis, are pulling their presidential campaign punches and waiting on a decision from the former president about his plans in 2024.


Trump is content to make them wait. The second he makes a public decision he loses some of those cards. He’s then no longer a tantalizing political mystery, but back on the firing line. Sure, he’s still the favorite for the nomination, but the about third of the GOP that wants to see somebody else heading the ticket could coalesce against him. Thus Trump, hoping to attrit them to death, will wait until 2023 for an announcement one way or another depending on the extant factors. Until then, potential candidates like Mike Pompeo will keep their powder dry.

FNC: “Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighted his social conservative credentials on Friday as he addressed a large and influential crowd of evangelicals in Iowa, the state that for half a century has led off the presidential nominating calendar. And with a jam-packed schedule of events from morning until night during his second trip to the Hawkeye State already this year, Pompeo ignited more speculation about his likely national ambitions in the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race.”

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Hitting the Left, Pompeo said, “you all see the garbage they’re trying to teach in our schools today. It comes under the various guises, often called Critical Race Theory. But suffice to say it is a suggestion that somehow our nation is inherently and systemically racist…We are not a racist nation. We are a God blessed Christian nation. Don’t let the woke socialists get you down. Keep working. Recommit yourself to the community.” He slammed at the Biden administration for their “unwillingness to secure our southern border” – and hit China as “a Godless nation challenging a God fearing people.” Wow. That’s a lot of pandering for one speech.


Pompeo humorously called himself as “an unemployed former diplomat.” But said “it has been tough for me to watch what is going on and what has gone on in these six months…I wish that I was still there. I wish that I still had the opportunity to do the work that we did for four years protecting and securing your freedom and your rights.” As for 2024? “President Trump will do his thing… he’ll make his choice. We’ll do our bit…I’m going to stay in that fight and I’m confident that President Trump is going to stay in that fight too. Where that actually takes us in 2023 and 2024, we’ll all have to wait and see.”