Senator Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina, checks off all the boxes. Conservative, a self made man, a spotless record. And oh yeah, he’s black. It shouldn’t matter, but we know it does. The Left would feel more constrained in going after a black person. If they do, Scott would blow them out of the water. He’s been a great senator, working and voting as a strong conservative but not as an alienating figure. Some people seem not able to do that.


All of which make him a great candidate for president. Also, intriguingly, he says 2022 will be his last Senate run. Which means his likely win next year could set him up for a lunge at the governor’s mansion or the Resolute desk. Yes, everyone is waiting on the former president to make a decision and Scott probably won’t run if he does. Though Scott would make an outstanding veep nominee. If they won, the 2028 GOP nod would be his for the asking. If Trump doesn’t run then Scott is an automatic front runner. He’s got an excellent future in the Republican. If everyone plays their cards right, he is the future of the Republican Party.

FNC: “Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is hauling in a lot of campaign cash as he runs for reelection in 2022, and that’s generating some buzz about 2024.

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The only Black Republican in the Senate and a rising star in the GOP brought in $9.6 million during the April-June second quarter of fundraising, which is an eye popping figure. And as of the end of June, the senator had $14.4 million in his campaign coffers. But Scott has also said that the 2022 race will be his last Senate campaign.

As of now, Scott is unlikely to face a challenging reelection next year in the reliably red Palmetto State, where he won his 2016 election by nearly 25 points. Last November, then-President Trump carried the state by 12 points and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham won reelection by 10 points despite record-breaking fundraising from Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, who’s now the chair of the Democratic National Committee.”

“South Carolina is ready to reelect Tim Scott and we are proud of the record breaking support we have received so early in the cycle,” Scott operative Sam Oh said in a statement.


“Tim Scott is a force,” New Hampshire Republican consultant Jim Merrill said. “His strong numbers reflect how he has inspired activists and business leaders alike, good for both his reelection next year and for a potential presidential campaign in 2024.”