Before the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democrat’s main boogeyman was climate change. Sadly, the pandemic wasn’t the first time the left has claimed the end of the world was near. Just a few years ago, Democrats pushed the narrative that climate change was going to be the end of both human life and the world. Although many scientists have fought against climate change and how it is nothing more than a political pawn, the Democrats still fear it so much that they snuck it into the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. 


For months, the infrastructure bill has been highly debated by the Republicans as not a single member will vote it through. And while some might see this as being stubborn, when taking a deeper look into the bill, you will find some interesting spending. For starters, the bill includes $216 million that will be given to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

According to the New York Times, “It’s not just infrastructure that would be relocated. The bill would provide $216 million to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for climate resilience and adaptation for tribal nations, which have been disproportionately hurt by climate change. More than half of that money, $130 million, would go toward “community relocation” — moving groups of Indigenous Americans away from vulnerable areas.”

There is also a separate measure agreed on over the weekend that includes billions of dollars being spent on preparing the country and world for the effects of global warming. Again, just like COVID-19, there is much to be learned about global warming and the effects it will have “if” it stays consistent. Either way, the billions being spent on global warming would make it the largest investment in climate change in the history of America. 


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It isn’t just relocating either as the bill would also reward the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) a whopping $3.5 billion that would help them fight against “flooding”. The Times also reported that the bill would give FEMA authority to grant money based on a “social vulnerability index,” which is a new “gauge that reflects poverty levels, the share of racial minorities and other measures.”