With the new CDC guidelines pertaining to mask recommendations and the COVID-19 virus, many Democrat strongholds around the country have already implemented mandates requiring masks. As if just waiting for the announcement to come, the Democrats didn’t hold back as both vaccinated and unvaccinated people must now wear masks. But although the left wants the media and voters to believe they just want to keep people safe, that might not necessarily be the truth as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot decided to reinstate COVID-19 restrictions but allowed one of the largest music festivals in the country to continue without interruption. 


For those that might not know, even with the dangerous Delta variant spreading across the country, Chicago was slated to host Lollapalooza, which always draws enormous crowds. And with the Democrat mayor already scared of the virus, many thought she would do the sensible thing of canceling the event instead of chancing another outbreak. But as you might have guessed – Mayor Lightfoot not only let the music festival continue but there appeared to be little to no COVID-19 safety measure in place. 

Chicago Tribune reporter, Gregory Pratt couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy of the left, saying, “At the same time she’s threatening possible restrictions if cases rise above 200 per day, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is moving forward with plans to bring 100,000 a day to Grant Park for Lollapalooza.” 

If allowing countless people to flood a small area wasn’t bad enough, Mayor Lightfoot herself attended Lollapalooza. She was sure to even thank people for showing up. “Thank you for masking up and vaxing up.” Lightfoot would even defend her move of keeping the music festival, claiming, “It’s outdoors. We’ve been having large-scale events all over the city since June without major problems or issues. The Lolla team has been phenomenal. They’ve hired their own public health experts who’ve been working hand in glove with us since we started these discussions.”


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Apparently, for the Democrats, the only cure for COVID-19 is money as Lollapalooza was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The cancellation cost the hosting city $35 million in sales and another $9 million in lost earnings.