At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democrats had voters convinced their approach to handling the virus was the only way. Their attacks on conservatives were relentless, and who could forget the glamorous brother duo of Chris and Andrew Cuomo. One a governor – the other a top CNN journalist. The pair appeared to be unstoppable as Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 numbers couldn’t be beaten and his brother Chris couldn’t help but capitalize on his success. The only problem – after the book deals, the Emmy awards, and national spotlight, the truth was – it was all a shame. The deep web of lies is still be unfolded, and while Governor Cuomo is surrounded by lawsuits and sexual harassment charges, Chris is trying to stay relevant by blasting Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, claiming he is somehow holding vaccinated people “hostage”. 


Even with their viewership bleeding, Cuomo still holds his show on Friday called, “Cuomo Prime Time”. During its recent airing, Cuomo made some outrageous claims, saying, “The question becomes, as a policy perspective, is how long do you allow the majority of this country, Republicans, Democrats, independents, south, north, the majority of every group and demographic we have, have gotten vaccinated, how long do you allow them to be held hostage in states, let’s say, like Florida, where you have the governor saying, ‘Yeah, I know it’s breaking out, I’m going the other way, don’t Fauci my Florida, no mask mandates, I’ll let the parents decide.’” 

As quick as the words left his mouth, political commentators around Washington chimed in, setting Chris’s claims and the record straight. Fox News contributor Joe Concha found Cuomo’s words hilarious given his brother’s actions.“Chris Cuomo should recuse himself from commenting on any other governor’s actions as it pertains to COVID. This is the same guy who got testing before anyone in New York could in the early stage of the pandemic, thanks to his brother. The same guy who broke his own quarantine while he was shedding the virus.”

That wasn’t all Concha had to say as he continued to speak on how Chris Cuomo advised his Governor brother on how to beat the COVID-19 scandals. “Chris Cuomo proceeded to advise him on how to beat those allegations, proving he’s not an anchor, but an activist. Take his opinion with a fraction of a grain of salt.” 


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But no matter what people were saying, Chris continued to spew lies by even tweeting about how DeSantis was holding vaccinated people hostage. And just like last time, Meteorologist Janice Dean helped Chris remember the truth again. “You are the very definition of ‘bad media practice.’ 1) interviewing (but never asking) your brother about his nursing home death scandal 2) lying about your ‘quarantine’ 3) Covid VIP tests for your family and friends 4) giving big bro and company sexual harassment advice.”