The clusterintercourse continues, as Americans try to get allies and American civilians past the Taliban and into the airport. Volunteer groups are there and aiding the effort.


FNC: “Amid ongoing evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, Tim Kennedy – an Army veteran and volunteer with Save Our Allies coalition – spoke with Fox News about his experience in Kabul after rescuing more than 8,900 individuals and discussed the ‘horrors of people getting to the airport.’

‘We had a very clear mission in who we were trying to identify and get out and American citizens were number one,’ said Kennedy, who spent three days in the country assisting with evacuation missions and working to ‘identify high value targets of the Taliban that needed to be rescued.’ He volunteered with Save Our Allies, a joint effort between Mighty Oaks Foundation and The Independence Fund to save America’s allies and heal veterans.”

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“It was a landscape and a battlefield that was something that I had never experienced before and it was absolute mayhem. I was on a full C-17 loading Afghans when the bomb went off,” Kennedy said. “You can’t stop. You’re in an aircraft with 500 people’s lives right there. The aircrew were incredible and we were just focused on [completing the mission].”

“We didn’t sleep, we didn’t eat,” Kennedy said, we “smuggled people past the Taliban and onto the American base. Finding them is a big problem, getting them on is a big problem,” Kennedy said.

“Right when I got on the ground, we were doing a reconnaissance of a new rat line, a spot that we were planning on that evening trying to smuggle some more people through and as I went around a corner I look up on top of a building and there is a Taliban listening post/observation post with trained observers that were looking into the airfield to try and identify where all of the American forces were.”

“They had a sniper rifle up there and obviously there job was to be prepared to deal death against American forces and Afghans that were trying to get out,” Kennedy added, saying they shifted a “few hundred meters behind another building so those guys wouldn’t shoot at us.”


“The Taliban wanted all people going into the Kabul airport to go through the south gate entrance where they had a checkpoint and they could check everybody that was coming in and if it was one of their high valued targets, they’re not going to let you in… they’re just going to kill you,” Kennedy said.