Leftist California Governor Gavin Newsom is feeling the heat over the upcoming recall election. He’s now trying to scare national Democrats into helping him and he’s abandoning his party on the defund the police movement. It may do him no good, as smart money has changed recently. He’s in real trouble.


FNC: “California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the recall effort against him is unfair and that its impacts will be felt ‘across the country.’

‘No,’ Newsom said during a virtual interview when asked whether he believes his actions and policies have justified a fair recall effort. ‘Not at all. Look, if you don’t like me, just vote me out at the start of the primary next year,’ he added during the exchange with various California reporters published Thursday. The recall election will be held on Sept. 14, and if a majority of Californians vote in favor of ousting the governor, the challenger with the most votes will then take office.

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Notable candidates include several Republican candidates, including businessman John Cox, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, conservative talk radio host Larry Elder and former Olympian-turned-TV star Caitlyn Jenner.”

“My sense is, trying to be as objective as someone who is the target of this recall as I possibly can be, I think it will be quite pronounced for many, many years,” Newsom said. “I think it will be felt all across the country. I think people haven’t really thought that through. … I don’t think the national Democratic Party is asking themselves that question…I think the opportunity for the Republican Party with the midterm elections coming up, in [Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy’s backyard, in [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s state, in [Vice President] Kamala Harris’ home state, with California and the values we profess and practice that would be judged in a different light if this was a successful recall — I think it would have profound consequences nationwide.”


On Thursday he ran from the defund the police movement. “I’m very, very committed to addressing the issue of crime and violence. You couldn’t run for mayor, get reelected for mayor, or be a halfway damn good mayor if you didn’t care about that. Don’t ever confuse me with the defund police movement. Hell, I was the first mayor in San Francisco in history that actually met our statutory requirement of … 1,973 police officers.” Could be too little too late.