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Republicans Find Smoking Gun Of Wuhan

The mystery is seemingly over. The COVID-19 virus was a Chinese bioweapon designed for use against the United States and American taxpayers funded it. The weapon went rogue in Wuhan and the Chinese and their domestic partners, the Democrats, found another use for it: to drive a president from office, cripple an economy, and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. This is a scenario this publication and this analyst has thought probable since mid-2020. Now, there’s solid proof courtesy of Republicans in Congress.


And, with the latest news out of Washington and the CDC, the sham goes on. The attack against America is still being played out by the Biden administration and its allies in Congress.

FNC: “Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, shared new findings from the House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans’ probe into the possible origins of COVID-19 on Monday and accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of engaging in the ‘greatest cover-up in human history.’ The committee’s ranking Republican, during an appearance on ‘America’s Newsroom,’ laid out a number of key points from the report and asserted that the CCP is likely “very concerned” by its findings.

Many of the key points from the report focused on activities in and around Wuhan that appeared to indicate the virus may have been circulating in China as early as September, well before the WHOs Country Office in the People’s Republic of China picked up a press statement on December 31, 2019, by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission from their website on cases of ‘viral pneumonia in Wuhan. In September, the Wuhan lab’s genetic sequencing database was taken offline in the middle of the night, which according to McCaul, shows that they were trying to ‘hide’ or ‘cover-up’ something of significant concern.

McCaul also called for top researchers involved with the Wuhan lab to be sanctioned and singled out Peter Daszak, whose New York-based organization EcoHealth Alliance sent $3.4 million in National Institutes of Health grants to the Wuhan lab between 2014 and 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal.”


“They were playing with fire,” said McCaul. “They were genetically manipulating at the lab this gain-of-function that was taking place.” Indeed they were. Then the monster got loose and there was hell to pay. Somebody must be held responsible for this.