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Supreme Court Denies Fleeing Texas Democrats Pay Until They Return

On top of the Southern Border crisis the Democrats are completely ignoring, Texas is also battling another situation as Democratic lawmakers fled the state instead of voting on election reform. Making the headlines, the lawmakers decided not to do their job, charter a plane, and visit the White House where they ultimately helped spread COVID-19 of staff members. But while they believe they stopped Texas Republicans and Governor Greg Abbott from voting, the governor flipped the script and canceled their paychecks since they aren’t doing their job. Hoping the Supreme Court would side with their rebellion, state Democrats sought to have the court restore their pay. But in a surprising move, the Supreme Court sided with Abbott and denied the Democrats pay yet again. 


Knowing that their decision would be chastised, the Supreme Court released a statement on why they decided to deny the fleeing lawmakers from receiving paychecks. “While in the District of Columbia, Democratic House members have met with members of the Biden administration and Congress to urge passage of federal legislation on voting and have held public meetings to draw attention to their cause. They have publicly stated that the importance of defeating the Republican-supported elections bill justified their departure from Texas and breaking quorum even though it also prevented the Texas House from restoring Article X funding. They have not returned to the House to allow it to continue business. The Republican House members, for their part, have insisted that the House pass the elections bill and perhaps other legislative priorities before addressing Article X funding. The special session expired on August 6.”

The court continued, “These public statements and events make it clear that the subject of the petition for writ of mandamus — the lack of Article X funding for the Legislature — continues to exist not because of a dispute between the Governor and the Legislature, nor even because of one between the Governor and a minority of House members. Rather, the principal dispute is among the members of the Legislature.” 

It should also be noted that the court stated that the majority of the members in the legislature actually back Abbott’s agenda on voting rights. “Although the Governor certainly seeks to advance legislation he favors, the majority of the members of the Legislature support the same legislation. Relator House members oppose that legislation and have broken quorum to further their opposition,” the court said. “It appears from the record of the special session that they could have restored Article X funding for the Legislature had they been present to vote to do so. They have chosen to continue to absent themselves in order to prevent passage of voting legislation. The legislative majority could have chosen to restore Article X funding before taking up the legislation the Governor favors. They have chosen not to do so.”


And with their lengthy statement, the court decided to end it by writing that they are denying Texas Democrats. “This political dispute within the legislative branch is not an issue of separation of powers that we can decide. For these reasons, the petition for writ of mandamus is denied.”

It appears the Democrats might be looking for other lines of work while they vacation at the White House.