Since the news first broke that the Taliban had regained control of Afghanistan, there have been numerous reports, segments, and debates as to why and how we should have reacted. There are some who believe the blame rests on President Joe Biden while the Democrats are placing the blame on former President Donald Trump. But while politicians are notoriously known to do whatever is necessary to save their own careers, one voice has stood above the rest – ex-Navy SEAL and the man who killed Osama bin Laden, and he’s not backing down when it comes to Afghanistan. 


Taking part in an Interview with Will Cain, Robert O’Neill, who personally killed bin Laden and fought in the Afghanistan war, didn’t shy away from the disastrous leadership that is the Biden Administration. When discussing the withdrawal, O’Neill said, “We have these people who are in charge who are a disgrace. I’m amazed that there hasn’t been at least 30 generals and admirals that haven’t resigned or been fired today.”

Cain then shifted gears in the conversation about how the Biden Administration is now claiming we need to work with the Taliban.“We were pretty good for the past four and a half years at impeaching a president for no reason. If anything deserves an impeachment, it’s right now because we don’t do this. We don’t ask the enemy for permission. We go in there. We crush them. We win. Every single time. And we leave with our people.”

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Again, O’Neill was absolutely shocked by what he was seeing from within the White House. He said “This is nonsense. It’s insulting. We don’t ask the Taliban permission. You know what we do? We kick their a**. That’s it. Why did we fight? For these people to just live there until we elected people in suits who can’t do anything and they surrender? Are you kidding me? This president surrendered to the Taliban. Should I not be embarrassed as an American right now?”


As for Biden, O’Neill doesn’t believe the blame for Afghanistan rests solely on his shoulders as he added. “I think that everyone wearing a suit and tie or a pantsuit right now in Washington D.C. should step down. And I think the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should not be a four-star general. Everyone get out of there. Just leave. We have people that can handle this. We have people who can fight. Get rid of these politicians.”