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WATCH: Sen. Cruz Calls For An End Of The Democrat’s Reign Of Power

While the Democrats preach facts and figures when it comes to their decision-making, the truth is – they are only pushing conformity. Numerous health experts and studies have proven that masks do very little when it comes to fighting the COVID-19 virus, but the left continues to enforce mask mandates and even wants children at the age of 2 to start wearing masks. Tired of the overreach and power the Democrats are trying to obtain, Senator Ted Cruz recently released a video condemning them using the pandemic to spread fear and division amongst Americans. 


On Monday, Senator Cruz shared a video of him call for the end of the Democrats’ reign of power. “Giving up our freedom to overcontrolling government bureaucrats who want to shut down our schools, shut down our businesses, shut down our churches, and shut down our lives, the Democrats have done enough of that this year. No damn more. We believe in freedom. You can make choices.” 


Using an example of a Democrat who is completely obsessed with power, Cruz pointed out none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.“If you want to understand how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, look no further than the other chamber in the United States Capitol. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is drunk on power. The orders that Speaker Pelosi is issuing are abusive and unprecedented. Who the hell is she to be fining members of the House?”


As for the recent CDC guidelines, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also released a statement condemning the CDC for being nothing more than a “political arm” of the Biden Administration. “We have a country in crisis. A recent poll shows our optimism about this country’s direction has plummeted 20 points since May. This should surprise no one. Every time they go to the grocery store, they’re paying more. Every time they turn on the news, they’re seeing crime. Every time the CDC releases new guidance, it punishes Americans who have already done everything they’ve been asked to do. The CDC has become a political arm of the administration. It wants to control every element of our lives.”